From the beginning in 2012, Eco hostel Republik has been devoted to the idea of being eco-friendly. Just as Uzicka Republika was the only free independent territory in the Balkans during the Nazi occupation, so too does Eco Hostel Republik seek to be environmentally independent.


The hostel’s furniture and interior are made entirely from recycled material. Beds, tables, benches, sofas and other furniture are made from euro pallets designed for fuel. Wardrobes, bedside tables, chairs and decorative elements that belonged to the Yugoslav army were skillfully repurposed. Bedclothes and other textiles are made from the finest cotton, and the bathroom is made from natural materials collected in local community.

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The hostel currently uses solar energy for the boiler (300 liters capacity). Solar panels have been placed on the rooftop, and there are sensor batteries in the bathroom. The hostel also uses special showerheads to reduce water consumption and ‘energy saving light bulbs’ to reduce energy consumption.

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As an environmentally responsible hostel, we pay great attention to primary selection of waste that goes to landfill Duboko and later is recycled and sold.

With the goal of lowering CO2 emissions, the staff helps guests to find green modes of transportation, such as cycling, walking, and using local buses and trains. Signs in the hostel help the guests to save energy and point out interesting facts about the human impact on the environment.

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Eco Hostel Republik is well on its way toward complete environmental independence. Our plan is to incorporate the LED lighting from the solar power on the rooftop. We also plan to install battery-saving devices to regulate the time spent in the showers. In addition, the plan is to buy a dish-wash machine to save water consumption. Our hostel is projected to start with the treatment of the wastewater.