Arilje have the biggest raspberry production area in Europe and fabulous destination for one day excursion on Rzav beaches. For those who like to party this place will be the right place to feel the vibes on open air parties.


Many cultural and historical monuments testify that the Arilje has alwys been attractive for guests, because of the clean water, pure air and honest people. Dominating the town square is the house of Serdar Jovan Micic of the Uzice district, built in 1823. Even Serdar Micic, the great politician of the era, diplomat and fearless warrior, was not able to resist the passion of Serbian politicians for attractive locations, so he built a house in Arilje, because he liked staying there over winter. The National Library dates back to 1895, and today it is a modern cultural and information center with a cinema, gallery and the library of 30 thousand books, including those of renowned local writer Dobrilo Nenadic. The library organizes many cultural events, including the May Days of Culture, children’s theatre festival, Festival of Zlatibor District Amateurs.