Balkan By Train

Trains in Serbia

Have you ever asked your self how to travel Balkan by train?

When you travel Balkan by train you have opportunity to meet Serbia in best possible way. Beautiful landscapes and funny way to meet Serbian people. Its a common way for people to reach Serbia is by train.


There are good links to Belgrade, Novi Sad and Užice. You have to consider that trains can be rally  slow but this give you enough time to enjoy beautiful  sceenery. Take your time because train will  to get there in the end. Small tip for travel Balkan by train – try to not schedule tight transfers when travelling to, in or from Serbia. The trains are not reliable enough. When going from Budapest first good stop to make an overnight  is Novi Sad. Then from Novi Sad to Belgrade is about two hours ride. If you are party animal this the best place for late nights out. If you want to discover hidden gem of Serbia sit in a train that goes for Montenegro and on the 4 hours ride from Belgrade step of in city Užice. Here you will find a vast of attractions that you see on the pictures of Serbia. Mokra Gora, Sirogojno, Uvac Canyon. The list is endless and for all nature lovers this place will be something that you never been expected.



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