Kadinjača Ponikve Military Airport Monastery Rujan Vrutci Lake Djetinja Gorge Hydroelectric Powerplant

Tour Description:

Tour starts with bike ride from Uzice until Kadinjaca Memorial complex 14 kilometers from Uzice, with short break and visit to memorial. We continue bike ride until Ponikve old military airport that has been bombed in 1999. From Ponikve airport ride continue to monastery Rujan from where is beautiful view on Vrutci lake. From monastery we continue to ride to the Vrutci lake where we can optionally catch a swim and then across 77 meters high dam we are going in the Djetinja gorge. This protected nature area use to be railway station so tour is ending in Uzice after 14 km ride through amazing scenery of Djetinja river. This tour you can take with a tourist guide or by yourself with one of our rent-a bikes.

  • Tour Prices:

    • Price (per person): 1 person: 60€
    • Price (per person): 2 persons : 40€
    • Price (per person): 3 persons : 30€
  • Tour Info:

    • Tour duration: 7h
    • Bicycle included
    • Driver/guide service included
    • Tour organization included
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