Kadinjača House On Drina River Year Perućac Lake Mitrovac Banjska Stena

Tour Description:

This tour starts at Kadinjaca monumental complex dedicated to the fallen warriors in WW2. Monument is located on the top of the hill between Uzice and Bajina Basta with beautiful view on surrounding mountains. The tour continues to the famous House on Drina, the most pictured house in Serbia. After coffee break with view on this interesting architectural solution, guests will travel along Drina River to the shortest river in Europe also called “River Year” because of its length of 365 meters. You will walk from the spring to the waterfall where river is running into the Drina River. Next stop is on Perućac Lake and a short swimming break. From there, the tour goes into the very heart of Tara Mountain on Mitrovac. On Mitrovac you will have a chance to feel nature miracle “Carpet Field” under your foots. Last tour stop is on “Banjska Stena” viewpoint, with a stunning view on Perućac Lake and third deepest canyon in the world Drina Canyon.

Tour info:


    • Tour duration: 8h
    • Transportation included
    • Driver/guide service included
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