Drinska regata 2016 with Eco Hostel Republik 23 jula 2016


This year like the years before the best fun starts on hostels boat. We do offer best Drinska regata 2016 experience in Serbia.


Drinska regata 2016 is a festival that takes place on the Drina river in western Serbia. It’s the best water festival in all of Europe and is visited by nearly 20,000 tourists every year. Imagine a whole day on a boat with lots of good food, drinks and good times with your friends. Drinska regata 2016 is dedicated to the rafters who used to carry logs from the woods across the treacherous Drina River. However, this practise had to stop when the construction of the Bajina Basta Hydro power plant began. The regatta takes place in memory of these rafters so their bravery and labor is never forgotten. This is a festival that guarantees great fun, great music and a river that will absolutely mesmerize you.  After the Drinska regata 2016, another festival called Most Fest takes place in Bajina Basta on the same day. It’s a festival with great music which is visited by all the Drinska regata 2016 guests.


Drinska regata 2016


–a place on a boat during the regatta

–transportation Uzice-Bajina Basta-Uzice

Total price: 40 euros

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