Gostilje waterfall is must see impressive attraction in Western Serbia, the place where according to the legend fairies are taking a bath.Stunning waterfall and peaceful and colorful surrounding will posses your senses and indeed this village was named Gostilje, for no other reason but to describe the warm nature of its people.


These are the people whose traditional cuisine strictly includes healthy products. Juicy fruits and veggies, ham and bacon, dairy products, corn bread and corn meal, home-made plum brandy will make you feel right at home.

Aside from its wholesome food, Gostilje is famous for its crystal clear and healthy waters. A lively stream runs through the village, and its source is being used for production of the “Zlatibor” water, one of the healthiest bottled waters in Serbia.

The most special feature of Gostilje is its waterfall, actually a whole formation of waterfalls, elevating to the altitude of about 20 meters.

As far as its cultural and natural heritage is concerned, the “must-sees” are: Birth house and memorial room of Dimitrije Tucovic, the Gostilje library, various workshops dedicated to old trade and crafting skills, trout fish ponds, numerous watermills and of course, the waterfall of Gostilje.

Immerged into the silence of Zlatibor forests, the village is filled with many gems of nature. The river Katusnica is a genuine fishermen’s  paradise, with whirlpools that are more than suitable for bathing.The Rakovicka cave, one of many caves within the river Katusnica’s canyon. In fact, the whole village of Gostilje is surrounded by mountains, pastures, pine woods and waterfalls, and as such, it has outstanding camping sites, with many rest and leisure opportunities. It is a place where many medicinal herbs can be found. Nearby, there is a big football terrain, but also the old village of Sirogojno, the Stopica cave, art studios of Trnava and Borova Glava and the Zlatibor tourist center, which all together and combined with Gostilje create a remarkable travel destination.