Mokra Gora is located in beautiful area on the border of National Park Tara. This train ride is really one heck of an experience. The whole ride takes 2 hours, and the view is absolutely beautiful.
The train ticket costs 600 Serbian dinars (just a little bit less than $7) and is absolutely worth it. Drvengrad sits just a few minutes of walk.


What really is the Šargan Eight ?

The Sargan Eight is a narrow gauge railroad (heritage railroad, actually) that runs from the nice-looking village of Mokra Gora to the nearby Sargan station. The ride forms an ’8′ form, and hence the name – Sargan Eight. It’s a very picturesque ride, considered by many to be the best train rides in Europe. The climb over the Sargan Mountain was an engineering masterpiece.  From Uzice to the summit the height difference was 240 metres.  As the crow flies it was 3.5 Km but by rail it was 15.4 Km.  The average gradient was 18% (1 in 55) and there were 20 tunnels including the summit tunnel of 1,666m. Construction began on March 1st 1921 and, despite many setbacks, the section opened on 2nd February 1925.  The final 40 Km missing link between Belgrade and Obrenovac opened on 30th October 1928 and a through 76 cm railway now existed over the 444 Km from Belgrade to Sarajevo.

Also, make sure you don’t miss the newly built village Drvengrad which sits just a few minutes of walk (ask the locals for the way) from the Mokra Gora’s Sargan Eight station. It is a wooden village built by famous director Emir Kusturica for his move ‘Life is a Mircale’.