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    Mokra Gora Magic

    If you’ve already had the joy of riding the train between Belgrade and Montenegro, you’ll understand why the famed Mokra Gora Šargan railway is unmissable. Up there with the train journey through Norwegian mountains & fjords from Oslo to Bergen, and the winding ride across hillside tea fields in Sri Lanka’s centre, the ‘Šargan Eight’ […]

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    The Balkan Way

    The Balkan Way   The Balkans pose a bit of a mystery to most of us western folk. Less chartered than the rest of Europe perhaps thanks to a reputation mired with recent political war horrors.   But the truth is most of us who take the chance to visit are made to feel more […]

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    Tara Mountain Hiking

    Tara Mountain top hiking trail Tara Mountain National Park is one of those rare magical landscapes which make you feel like an uncontrollable child, with the entire playground to yourself. Pine tree forests flourish these mountains like nowhere you’ve ever seen or would expect in Eastern Europe. For nature lovers and adrenalin addicts this is an […]

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    Uvac Canyon Adventure

    The Uvac Canyon Experience Uvac Canyon is the perfect example of how truly surprising Serbia can be in its varied nature and wildlife. For such a small country in size, it boasts an impressive range of habitats and animals, and you can see the most unique of these on this trip in my opinion. Uvac […]

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    Guča 2016

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0Ri4mUP4zY   Guca  2016   Guca 2016 festival is the most popular festival in Western Serbia. It is a trumpet competition, which has existed for more than 50 years. It is a place with great music and great fun. The party starts in the morning and lasts the whole day. It carries on throughout the […]



    We all know that after EXIT festival the fun is moving on to Montenegro. What better way to chill out after EXIT Fest and prepare for Sea Dance than to spend a rejuvenating couple days in Užice? Indulge in the traditional cuisine that has been refined over hundreds of years of precision, voyage into the […]


    Drinska regata 2016 with Eco Hostel Republik 23 jula 2016   This year like the years before the best fun starts on hostels boat. We do offer best Drinska regata 2016 experience in Serbia.   Drinska regata 2016 is a festival that takes place on the Drina river in western Serbia. It’s the best water […]

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    Polina and Vlad volunteering Young couple from Russia stayed at our place for almost one month on their mission around a world. This optimistic and pleasant couple complete their project called “World Whole”. They are travelling around a world on low budget and they have a mission to travel two more years and then to […]

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    Pieces of Uzice

    After two months and a half living in Uzice, i feel now like home. I didnt want to leave the town without taking some pictures and images of my life here. Good spot on a top of a hill in front of the hostel, in the city center, along the Djetinja river, pedalino in the […]

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    Park Fest international workcamp

    Park Fest International Workcamp Since the 22nd of July eight volunteers from Spain, Italy, Russia, Greece and Serbia are helping in the region of Uzice. This international workcamp is organized by Young Researchers of Serbia an NGO whose main aims are environment protection, environmental education, youth exchange and work with young people as well as […]

  • One week in Western Serbia

    Special offer for a week in Western Serbia Day: Arrive at Eco Hostel Republik; Free Walking Tour around the city of Užice Day : Tour to Mokra Gora, which includes visits to the Kadinjaca monument, Rujno Monastery, Lake Vrutci and the amazing 77m high dam. You will stop at Kremna village and enjoy the national drink, […]

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    Tesla ways

    The story of ‘Tesla’s Ways’ begins more than a century ago, when electrical energy opened up a new chapter in the history in the modern world. The first hydroelectric power plants were built for textile factories and then for street lighting and select homes. Serbians, at the time, considered electrical energy to be a ‘fantastical […]