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    Park Fest Uzice

    Park Fest in Uzice Park Fest returns for its seventh year on the 31st July to the 2nd August 2015 Over the last six years this festival has grown huge from its low key beginnings. It started with small local concerts for the youth of Uzice and now regularly draws 7-8000 visitors and attracts big […]

  • Guca Trumpet Festival

    Special offer for Guca Festival! Guca Festival is the most popular festival in Serbia, having played host to some of the worlds best musicians including Miles Davis and Goran Bregovic over the last 50 years since it began. Here you will experience the heart of Serbian culture: dozens of trumpet bands will play during the […]

  • Hills up

    Hills up festival

    Special offer for Hills Up Festival in Zlatibor! The ‘Hills Up’ music festival takes place at the stunning mountain region of Zlatibor in Western Serbia from the 23-25 July. The line up this year includes; S.A.R.S, Partibrejkers, Yu Grupa and many more!   For more information click here for the festival website, (only available in […]

  • Drinska Regata Special Offer

    A special offer for a special festival – Drinska Regata! Drinska Regata and Most Fest are a couple of very unique festivals in Serbia. They take place in the city of Bajina Basta from the 14th to 19th of July. The Drina River plays host to the famous Drinska Regatta. Alongside the thousands of boats […]

  • break offer

    Exit Festival Adventure

    Need a rest after Exit Festival and before Sea Dance? Did you book your tickets for the 15th Exit Festival? The concert takes place in the Petrovaradin Fortress of Novi Sad from the 9th to the 12th of July, and this year it is gonna be crazy. It features artists such as Motorhead, Hardwell, Emily […]

  • the_balkan_backpacker

    The Balkan Backpacker network

    The Balkan Backpacker is a new network of hostels in the Balkans, you can find one of these cosy and clean accomodation in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. Some of these places are in the balkan backpacker usual route as Belgrade, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik. But some of them […]

  • Festivals in western serbia

    Festivals in Serbia

    Cultural life in Western Serbia July is coming and with it the beautiful season. In uzice and around there are so many way to enjoy this summer. For all Tthe  Balkan Backpacker travelers who wants to spend wild summer this region will perfect. It start with the famous Exit Festival from 9th to 12th in […]

  • open_market_uzice

    4 Seriously Good Reasons to Love Uzice

    4 reason to love Uzice by Jenna Davis The Fresh Food It’s funny, you so often find food being promoted across places like Canada or the USA with the label ‘organic’ or in Germany labelling many foods ‘bio,’ but what really classifies a food as organic? Many people have come to realize that any law […]

  • uvac_tourist

    Dans les méandres de l’Uvac

    Dans les méandres de l’Uvac (se prononce Ouvats)! Départ de l’Eco Hostel Republik à 8h30 en direction du sud vers le lac de Sjenica, à plus une heure de route. Sur le chemin nous passons par les monts Zlatibor, à côté de la station touristique très fréquentée de Zlatibor, nous apercevons des collines et des […]

  • tour_guide

    Karavan Moja Srbija in Uzice

    A touristic caravan in Uzice Friday July 12th the Touristic Caravan “My Serbia” was in town in Uzice, this Caravan is going to visit the mains cities of Serbia during this summer to promote them. Uzice is the first city on the list, come after Novi Pazar and many elses. During this day all stakeholders […]

  • kadinjaca

    A day trip in Western Serbia

    Diary of a day trip in Western Serbia: legend…ary 8 am: departure in a mini-bus from the hostel, we pick up our guide Irena in direction of Kadinjaca. There we stop for an hour and Irena tell us the story of that memorial honoured by Tito in memory of the battle of November 1941 when […]

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    Et pourquoi pas la Serbie?

    Et pourquoi pas la Serbie? Un pays a deguster. Vous êtes à la recherche d’une destination pour vos prochaines vacances, un endroit hors des sentiers battus, et pourquoi pas la Serbie? De grands espaces naturels, une culture florissante et une population accueillante en effet l’amitié franco-serbe existe depuis le Moyen Age, de nombreux artistes et […]