One week in Western Serbia

Special offer for a week in Western Serbia

  1. Day: Arrive at Eco Hostel Republik; Free Walking Tour around the city of Užice
  1. Day : Tour to Mokra Gora, which includes visits to the Kadinjaca monument, Rujno Monastery, Lake Vrutci and the amazing 77m high dam. You will stop at Kremna village and enjoy the national drink, Rajika! The tour also includes visiting Mokra Gora train station and The Wooden city designed and made by Emir Kusturica. The tour concludes back in Uzice with a traditional Serbian dinner.


  1. Day: Tour to Zlatibor, this tour will guide you through the famous Stopića Cave, Sirogojno ethno village and Gostilje waterfall. Zlatibor has some of the most beautiful scenery for you to enjoy.
  1. Day : Tour to Uvac Meanders. On the fourth day you will take a boat ride all the way to the meanders in the special nature reserve. You can visit the Ice Cave and then climb up to Molitva from where you can view the meanders from a spectacular vantage point. The return journey stops at Zlatarsko lake where you have the opportunity to swim and relax.


  1. Day : Tour to Drina river is a full day including a visit to the picturesque House on Drina, a visit to the 12th Century Rača monastery, hike to the Lađevac spring, then see the shortest river in Europe (365m) The River Year. Following that you can have a swim in Perućac lake and a ride through the third deepest canyon in the world.
  1. Day : Tour to the Tara national Park, visit the famous prophets village of Tarabici, swim in the amazing Zaovine lake in Tara national park. Then visit Mitrovac and finally hike the magnificent scenery of Banjska stena.


  1. Day : Biking tour. Bike through the Djetinja river gorge, an amazing ride though the untouched wilderness. The tour includes a packed lunch.

Overnight in the hostel is from 10 – 15 euros per day per person.
Tours are 30 euros per person per day, apart from Uvac tour which is 40 euros.
Meals are not included but can be arranged for 10 euros per day, this includes the opportunity to eat in local restaurants and sometimes in traditional Serbian households provided by the local villages

Tickets for the train in Mokra Gora , caves, ethno villages (around 2 euos) and other optional expences are not included in tour price.

There are more optional activities:

1. Rafting on Drina river
2. Rock climbing in Užice
3. Paragliding on Zlatibor mountain
4. Kayaking on 5 different lakes
5. Hiking tours
6. Biking tours

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