Tour Description:

Paragliding on mountain Zlatibor can be arranged as a small school of paragliding or tandem flight. Depending of the person and weather conditions school could be around 4-5 days and this include basic training how to control the paraglide until you make your own independent flight. Tandem flight is done with instructor and depending of weather conditions could be from 15 minutes and more.

  • Tour Prices:

    • Price (per person): 1 person: 90€
    • Price (per person): 2 – 4 persons : 80€
    • Price (per person): 5+ persons : 70€
    • Price per person: paragliding school: 250€
  • Tour Info:

    • Tour duration: 4h
    • Equipment included
    • Guide / instructor included
    • Tour organization included
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