Pieces of Uzice

After two months and a half living in Uzice, i feel now like home. I didnt want to leave the town without taking some pictures and images of my life here.

Good spot on a top of a hill in front of the hostel, in the city center, along the Djetinja river, pedalino in the city beach, … All this places where i go everyday and have fun, places that i am proud to show to our international guests from the hostel.

I arrived in Uzice the 30th of May, to work as an intern in Eco Hostel Republik. In order to gain some experience in tourism and discover a country and a culture. I did not get any idea of nature and landscapes here, i was surprise in a positiv way. When you live in Uzice you can reach wild nature very easy, walking or biking along the Djetinja river. One time i even been invited to share a delicious barbecu with local people, while i was biking there.

Uzice is a small city but still culture life is important: concerts at the cultural center, festivals (Park Fest, festival of french cinema, …), dumping competition and more. You never get bored during the summer. I will try to enjoy my lasts weeks in here as best i can, but hopefully i will come back in the future in the nice city of Uzice!

Jeanne Antoniolli
french intern in Eco Hostel Republik

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