Potpec cave is located in the village of Potpeće, 14 km southeast of Užice. It is unique in its monumental entrance in the shape of a horseshoe.It is thought likely that the cave was inhabited by humans as far back as the Neolithic period.


More About Potpec Cave

The cave entrance can be described as monumental work of nature. Gigantic portal resembling the horseshoe, 50m high, 12m wide at its bottom part and 22m wide at its upper part is the highest cave entrance in Serbia. The 555m inside the cave are explored and can be seen. The entry path counts over 700 steps.

The cave was created by water, which sinks on Dreznik’s Gradina and flows through underground canals 4-5km long. This water runs out from the cave making The River Petnica.

The cave is opened for visitors from the beginning of April to the end of October and if the weather is fine during winter period, it is possible to visit it in groups by previously contacting Tourist Organization of Uzice.