Rujno Monastery is located in the village of Vrutci on the banks of the lake that supplies water for Uzice. Serbia’s first book was printed in this monastery. In 1527, the monk Theodosius published the famous It was rebuilt in the memory of the old monastery in Rujan, which had been demolished by the Ottomans. The monastery has been built in the form of basilica, representing the king’s red color.


The construction of the monastery was from 2004 to 2006 when it consecrated and settled monks. The monastery rises as the successor of the old monastery of September. Abbey Rujno significant in that it contained the first printing press in the territory of Serbia, which began operations in the year 1529. It is the monk Theodosius in 1527 he published the famous The September četvorojevanđelje. This is the first book printed in Serbia. It is kept in Prague. However, the Turks quickly discovered printing, is burned and destroyed the monastery and the monks fled the monastery of Raca. Otherwise, the church tries and their leaders, and the Republic of Serbia through the diplomatic channel to the old četvorojevanđelje return to the country and placed in a newly built monastery.Like the original church and the new church was dedicated to St. George and lined with red stone reminiscent of September, the plant is red. The temple was built in the style of the basilica and it was built a support pillar, which is extracted from the ruins of an old monastery.

The monastery can be reached by going from Uzice to Biosci and, a few kilometers before the village, turning into the village of Vrutci. After a few hundred meters in Vrutci, go to the right of the monastery. All turns are marked.