“French people come to Balkans! “

Why french people come to Balkans?


Have you think to come to Balkans when you are looking for a new destination for your holidays. A place head-off the beaten path where you could find wildness, a prosperous culture and friendly hosts.


Because Franco-Serbian friendship exist since the middle age, a lot of artists and writers (Voltaire, Rousseau, …) have share their visions of humanity. That is why you have to left behind  the 90’s bad vision of Serbia and come to enjoy a trip in the land of great people like the number one in tennis Novak Djokovic, or the famous cartoonist Enki Bilal.


Near the city of Uzice you will be able to visit a village built by Emir Kusturica for his movie “Life is a miracle”.


Hostel Republik in Uzice can provide you the best hostel facilities as well as guided tours in the Western Serbia. And you will be lucky to have a french welcoming there!




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