Tara Mountain Hiking

Tara Mountain top hiking trail

Tara Mountain National Park is one of those rare magical landscapes which make you feel like an uncontrollable child, with the entire playground to yourself.

Pine tree forests flourish these mountains like nowhere you’ve ever seen or would expect in Eastern Europe. For nature lovers and adrenalin addicts this is an untouched and truly undiscovered piece of stunning wilderness. Just 40 kilometers from the cozy confines of Užice, you find yourself on the western edge of Serbia, but it’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the earth.


An all day tour into this insanely mountainous arena should be at the top of your list. With its towering cliffs and canyons, turquoise water and crawling forests, you’ll be scrambling to organise more days of exploring.

Zaovine Lake is the gem of Tara Mountain National Park and your doorstep to countless hiking trails, waterside activities and breathtaking views, including Drina River house. (a special spot put on the map by National Geographic for its intriguing qualities).


Drina River lookout is one of the most generous views in Tara Mountain National Park and arguably the whole of Serbia. For very little effort, the reward is remarkable. Nestled a stones throw away from the road, through a patch of tall native pine trees, the hiking trail opens onto a ledge with a view you’ll struggle to forget.


Like peering through a window into your neighbour’s yard, from here you can admire 180 degree views of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Drina River winds soundlessly below, a natural border here between the two countries, both of which still have deep scars from recent civil war. As you drink in the dramatic mountain scenery on each side, the light cascades across the valley to offer easily one of the best photos of your visit!


Author: Cristy Lee Macqueen

balkan traveller

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