Tesla ways

The story of ‘Tesla’s Ways’ begins more than a century ago, when electrical energy opened up a new chapter in the history in the modern world.

The first hydroelectric power plants were built for textile factories and then for street lighting and select homes. Serbians, at the time, considered electrical energy to be a ‘fantastical miracle’, a product from a distant, advanced world far from their day to day lives. So when the streetlights of the city of Užice lit up for the first time, the citizens of the town were convinced that the Kremansko prophecies had come true; ‘Water and fire merged and a light shone from the river.’ Even to this day in Ivanjica, some people still remember and tell the story about when electricity was brought to the city, and how someone from a neighboring hill yelled out “take a look at the moon above Ivanjica!”


Not far from the oldest power plant Pod Gradom in Užice lies another hydroelectric plant: Turica. It was also built on the Djetinja River, only six kilometers upstream from Pod Gradom. After the First World War, the textile factory in Užice regularly ran out of electricity, so, in 1924, the decision was made to build a new power plant. The Belgrade engineer Todor Šević was chosen as the contractor. The work was delayed by bad weather and environmental factors, but the new plant began operating on January 1, 1929. A visit to Turica must include a nature walk where you will discover a beautiful waterfall hidden in the forest.

To honour the 150th Anniversary of Hydroelectric power in Uzice, there will be the ‘Tesla Festival’ on the 10th July in Djetinja and Hostel Republik is providing an excellent special offer for the occaision.

Special Offer “Tesla ways”

  • overnight in Eco Hostel Uzice
  • tour to the Hydrolectric Powerplant
  • Visit to the 2nd Powerplant on Djetinja river
  • Hiking (4 kilometers) to The View Point on lake Velika Brana

Total 15 euros

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