The White Church of Karan, in proximity of Uzice is dedicated to Annunciation and date from the period of reign of the Serbian King Dusan. The White Church of Karan was built in the Rashka architectural style by nobleman Petar Brajan with his wife Struja and their son and three daughters between 1340 and 1342 on the place of the former Roman settlement.


    The White Church was named after the name of the village Karan where it is located and was decorated with frescoes. The portraits of the founders, dressed in festive and rich noble attires are depicted on the north side of the western part of naos, while the portraits of Nemanjic Family are on the opposite side : Simeon Nemanja, St. Sava, King Milutin and the ruler of that time – King Dusan with his son Uros and wife Jelena /Helen/. Donors and all involved in the building of the White Church of Karan were also depicted. Monumental and well preserved fresco painting of the Bela Crkva Karanska (the White Church of Karan) represents significant monumental ensemble of the north western part of King Dušan’s state. The White Church of Karan is one nave structure with the semi circular apse. It has the semi circle covering with the cupola on the circled base. The first built iconostasis painted with frescoes is preserved.

Probably two masters-painters were engaged for painting who tried their best to respond to the artistic demands of the so-called Rennaisance of Paleologue. In the altar of the White Church of Karan are scenes of the Holy Virgin with angels and in the naos are The Holy feasts and the scenes of the life of the Holy Virgin, the old testament scenes and the saints and historical portraits. The simple nartex has been added in the 19th century in the northern part of the temple of the White Church of Karan. The tombs of the endowers have been found during the archaeological excavations in 1975 what testify their wish to build their mausoleum in the church of Annunciation. Numerous Roman graves with relief writings confirm sacral cult of the White Church of Karan. The Restoration works on the White Church of Karan architecture and frescoes were carried out in 1980.