Uvac Canyon Adventure

The Uvac Canyon Experience

Uvac Canyon is the perfect example of how truly surprising Serbia can be in its varied nature and wildlife. For such a small country in size, it boasts an impressive range of habitats and animals, and you can see the most unique of these on this trip in my opinion.

Uvac Canyon Nature Reserve is a sanctuary for the native white Griffon vultures. To watch these Balkan birds so closely is a sensational treat, as you slowly zigzag along the river gorge, they circle and glide magnificently over the covered cliffs and caves above. This rare species of vulture eagle has a giant wingspan of up to 3 meters, and whilst photos hardly do them justice, you’ll have plenty of chances to try!

The famous meanders of Uvac Canyon river wind like a sparkling chain through the canyon, a maze which is the draw-card of this area and your first stop.

After seeing photos of it’s emerald green water curving around cliffs and caverns, you wouldn’t expect to enter the lake at a dam floating up in the mountain tops!

It turns out this dam is the highest earth dam in Europe, towering at approximately 100 meters high! As you drive across the thin top of this impressive wall, on your right is a sheer drop to the deep valley below, and looking left you’re almost eye level with glass still water sitting calmly at 1000 meters above sea level.


It’s here on the side of the dam wall where you will find your magic carpet for the next few hours. And boy is it a ride! Either by boat or kayak, expect to cruise along the meanders of the lake whilst marveling not only at the graceful vulture eagles, but also at the changing colours of the gorge.

Before one of the last corners of this meandering section of Uvac River, the boat pulls up and its time to see this natural beauty from above. Its no wonder these birds choose to nest here.


After a short hike up through the trees, a clearing appears and there’ll be little chance of catching your breath again because the astounding view will take it away. The meandering river labyrinth below looks like the mouth of a clam, and your photos from the edge of Uvac Canyon here will rival the postcards in town.

Next stop after returning to the boat is into the dark and enchanting Ice cave. If you’re worried about the drop in temperature, don’t be. The enormity of this 6185 meter long cave and its ancient ecosystem will keep your mind off the chill. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see some sleeping bats!

Author: Cristy Lee Macqueen
balkan traveller
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