Fortress „Old Town“ Djetinja Gorge Kadinjaca Zabuchije Viewpoint

Tour Description:

This tour will bring you the highlights around Uyice in just a few hours. Tours starts by visiting medieval fortress “Old Town” with nice view on the town, continues by visiting protected nature area Djetinja Gorge and then going on Memorial complex Kadinjaca. Memorial with its stunning composition belongs to brutalism architecture implemented in late 70s in communist countries. Tour is ending up on most beautiful look up point Zabuchije from where you can see town and its hilly surrounding.

  • Tour Prices:

    • Price (per person): 1 person: 30€
    • Price (per person): 2 persons : 15€
    • Price (per person): 3+ persons : 10€
  • Tour Info:

    • Tour duration: 7h
    • Equipment included
    • Guide / instructor included
    • Tour organization included
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