Polina and Vlad volunteering


Young couple from Russia stayed at our place for almost one month on their mission around a world. This optimistic and pleasant couple complete their project called “World Whole”. They are travelling around a world on low budget and they have a mission to travel two more years and then to settle down somewhere in Serbia. They project has an aim to motivate young Russians to travel around a world even if they dont have money. Polina and Vlad are spending 100 $ for two weeks of they travel. How do they do that? Well they use hitchhiking for transportation, they volunteer on the places where they have food provided and all the tricks and stunt how to survive two weeks with 100 bucks you can find on their web site There you will find their contacts and social media links so you can follow their globetrotter adventure. Volunteering is one of the ways to travel around a world on low budget.


We are taking a chance to say a BIG thank you for being amazing volunteers, friends and family members. Hoping too see you in two years when you come back to live in Serbia.


Eco Hostel Republik Team

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