In Zlakusa you can learn how to make your own pot like ancient inhabitants and bring with you your own hand made souvenir. Visit Ethno Park or eat the best trout in region, just 7 kilometers from Uzice.


Zlakusa pottery and etnhno village

The village of Zlakusa is famous for its traditional pottery, the craft of making pottery using natural materials, in a way that has been passed on from the older generation to the young one for three centuries. The International colony of fine arts pottery, which has been organized here every summer for almost two decades, breathes in a new life to this tradition.

In the ethno-park everything resembles the old Serbian garden from the old times: from the ancient houses made of unbaked bricks with the four-side roof to the wooden houses, additional buildings, guest rooms, museum of the antiquities, wells and clear mineral springs, traditional food. And all this has been enriched with modern facilities, the accommodation offered in comfortable beds and the heritage of the civilization that the contemporary guest has been accustomed to.