Toša’s Spa Stopića Cave Ethno Village Sirogojno Gostilje Waterfall Vodice

Tour Description:


The tour starts at a place called Toša’s spa secluded spot that not even locals knows about it. Weird abadoned place that shows how sometimes biggest dreams needs just a little to come true. Perfect mineral water, magic surraunding and biga ambition wasnt enough that Toša finish his spa resort. Not far from the spa, next stop is beautiful Stopića Cave. One of the widest entreneces in Serbia cave is hiding wonderfull bigar tubs that can be deep from 2 centimeters up to 7 meters. After the cave, next location will bring you back in time of the beggining of 20th century. Open air museum Sirogojno is presentation of typical household in Zlatibor region with all belonging buildings and tools from that time. Sirogojno village famous about weavers has interesting Weavers Musemum on the way to Gostilje village. Gostilje is hiding one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Serbia. Almost hundred meters of slopes of waterfalls are going through amazing green vegetation. Thats why legend says that ferries are taking a bath on this waterfall. On the way back to Užice the tour is passing through most beautifull part of Zlatibor called Vodice. Scenic ride with amazing lanscapes that you can see only on postcards.


Tour info:

    • Tour duration: 6h
    • Transportation included
    • Driver/guide service included
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